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Data Quality Services


Data quality services entail looking inside your Electronic Health Records system to see if the outgoing and incoming data is set up properly. Of the 180 major hospitals we have worked with, we repeatedly hear: "No one has looked at the data." 



Interested in improving Interoperability, Terminologies, HL7 data standards or Data Quality?  We offer webinars with national experts in these fields. Sign up for a meeting slot above.

Interoperability Success Story


We helped connect Walgreens to the VA so Veterans can get their flu shot locally and have their medical records sent automatically back to their VA records.

Terminology Consultations


We offer every kind of service for clinical terminologies including matching to international standards, new domain analysis, domain updating, transitions to new vocabularies and more.

Support for FHIR Developers


We offer support for your FHIR developers who need to pull data from your clients EHR systems.  It can be very hard identifying the many quirks inherent in data bases.

External Partner Communications


Reaching out to the many hospitals with which you share data can be very challenging.  We can manage a communications program for you so your incoming CDA data is as squeaky clean as possible!