Data Quality Webinar


Ever wonder how your organization can improve the clinical data you receive from other external providers?  Our data quality webinar explores common data exchange problems.  Set up a meeting to see how we can help you reduce risk.

Healthcare IT Services

Overview of our DQ Doctor Healthcare IT Services

Data Fidelity Services

Our Data Fidelity services tune clinical data for your clinicians.  Better Data, Better Patient Care, Better Outcomes!

Why Standard Clinical Terminologies matter

What if you arrived unconscious at a hospital out of town? Would your patient history arrive when you do?  Would it transfer correctly into this hospital's EHR system?

Better Data, Better Patient Care, Better Outcomes

Business meeting on clinical data improvement

Clinical Data Quality Improvement

We are driving Data Quality (DQ) processes in EHR systems nationwide.   DQ is foundational for risk management,  data management and patient safety.  Your EHR system transmits and receives  data to and from external providers.   We help you  identify and correct data quality problems before they go out the door - or come in the door!  With over 51 million in Healthcare IT sales since 2015,  our DQ teams can help your organization.   Don't let poor data quality sabotage Patient Safety or your Clinical Decision Support system.  Schedule a free consultation today.

Artists concept of clinical data exchange - clinician holds a hologram of a network

Healthcare IT Services: Interoperability feeds Clinical Decision Support and Patient Safety Systems

Stop faxing test results.  Faxing is not a secure way to send PHI. 

Get the data faster electronically and stop retesting. 

CAT scan radiation risks increase when multiple doctors request them. Interoperable lab data can identity that this problem is occurring.

Need to feed better data in to your Quality Measures?  Our Data Quality Improvement services will better define your denominator.  

A doctor in surgery consults a futuristic screen with patient data

Clinical Terminology Mapping

The ever changing world of Healthcare IT technology and clinical terminologies is fast-paced.  We provide an experience that is tailored to your company's needs. We pride ourselves on providing highly professional teams of both clinicians and healthcare IT experts to serve you.  Do you have a local medical terminology with clinical codes whose meanings disappear when they are exported to other hospitals?  We can map them to international standards with precise meaning. We have experience with Allergies, Immunizations, Lab, Vital Signs, Radiology,  Nursing, Neonatal and more!

About Us

A data model from the Federal Health Information Model showing relationships between data fields and domains.

Clinical Information Models



Our work with the Federal Health Information Model has produced models of 39 healthcare domains.  See FHIMS.ORG.

A business meeting to discuss clinical data interoperability improvement.




Clinical interoperability is hard - where do I start?


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