Terminology Consulting

Have local codes? Don't speak SNOMED?

Most healthcare organizations have sets of local clinical codes which are important to their own mission but are not understood by other hospitals.  When patient data is sent to others in your external partner network, they  are unable to process the codes in this data. For instance, if you are a NICU, you may have a lot of detail about newborns that is not coded.  We provide a terminology matching service to code your terms to SNOMED, LOINC, RX Norm and other critical reference terminologies.  If your terms are not in the most relevant international standard, we can add it for you.

If you have mapping needs, we can help with LOINC and SNOMED CT maps.  We offer LOINCing services  whether you are an academic medical  center, a community hospital, a biotechnology company, research  organization, or an IVD vendor.  Our subject matter experts are here to  help you with LOINC mapping or submissions.  Research labs, commercial  labs, and IVD vendors are now being held responsible for mapping their testing to LOINC by the FDA. For research labs it is a mandate by 2020,  for others it is strongly suggested by the FDA.  

Services include:

  • Terminology matching/mapping - new domains and updates
  • Terminology consulting 
  • Code set definitions and major transitions
  • Submission of new terms to Standards Development Organizations (SDOs)
  •  Selection of proper standards


Medical Terminology Matching Services

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