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Why Enterprise Organizational Change Takes Time

This overview of a typical Data Quality team engagement shows a high level overview of the process of educating business stakeholders on data quality improvement processes.

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Clinical Data Quality Improvement

We have helped over 2,000 hospitals and 32,000 clinics to improve their clinical Data Quality.

  EHR systems have many patient safety protocols in place, but if the clinical data is not coded properly, then the alerts may not be displayed, and no warnings are given. One example is that of drug-drug interaction alerts. Some operational quality improvement EHR systems even have their drug-drug checks 'temporarily' turned off, unbeknownst to the clinicians. This is not what your EHR vendor intended as this gives a false sense of security.  Our quality improvement processes create better patient outcomes. Data quality is a critical foundation for the functioning of your Clinical Decision Support system.

Your EHR system, such as Epic or Cerner, creates standard HL7 clinical documents known as CDA files. These files have varying standard formats such as Continuity of Care Documents (CCDs) and other types.  We have special tools which parse and look inside the CDA files to see if the data is being sent out correctly. We can identify if data is missing, mis-coded or in the wrong place. Then we provide you with a report of our recommendations for improvement. 

We meet with your staff to brief them on who should be in the meetings with our data quality team and decide how we access your data. Then once we receive your data, we kick off with an explanation of how we work and what we do. Next, we run our proprietary tools to create summaries of your most important domains (allergies, lab, etc.) for each of the CDA files which we receive. We provide a detailed report of six or more clinical domains to show you exactly where the problems are. Then you will know who to call and how to track down the source of the errors. The process repeats with the next set of files and domains.

Data quality problems can sometimes be traced back to improper set up of your EHR system. If your EHR system had prompted the user to enter RXNorm codes and NDF-RT codes were entered instead, then the critical drug - drug interaction checks will not execute properly. This is a critical risk and liability issue for all roles responsible for Risk and Data Quality. It is imperative that testing be done to ensure that this and all other patient safety protocols are working as the EHR vendor intended. We will work together with your vendor on such issues. 

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"J P Systems Data Quality Team provides a service no other company can provide through analysis of our Data to better care for our Veterans" – Government Program Manager

 "We have never seen anybody who put together IT data quality reports with clinical expertise before. Kudos to you!"  Government Project Leader


Our cross functional teams are composed of highly qualified clinical, IT and data standards staff.   We provide tools, recommendations and reports to start you on the path to increase your data quality and patient safety.  Contact us to find out how we can help you.   Our team can be reached at

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