Clinical Data Interoperability

Meaningful Exchange of Clinical Data

We are a Healthcare IT services firm with a corporate mission to increase the interoperability of patient data.  Our Healthcare IT consulting service improves your ability to receive and send usable data. 


The J P Systems' team implemented successful Walgreens Health Data Sharing via an eHealth Exchange that improves the quality, continuity and coordination of Veteran healthcare.

  1. Care Coordination  between Walgreens Pharmacy and the Veterans Health Administration
    1. Medication History:   The new "VA-Walgreens exchange” enables VA doctors to “easily view medications in real time that are prescribed to VA-enrolled patients by community providers and filled at Walgreens pharmacies.”
    2. Immunizations administered at Walgreens Pharmacies to eligible Veterans are available in the VA medical records for VA care providers in real time.  A total of 117,971 flu immunizations have been administered to VA patients this flu season and the patient’s VA medical record is updated automatically for care coordination.  

 Like website Search Engine Optimization work, Interoperability is not a once and done thing.  We will help you move forward by examining the current state of your  data exchanges, data standards, data quality, use of standard clinical terminologies, import / export of clinical documents (CDAs) and other factors which can increase your interoperability.    We can also help with policy development for interoperability including how to quarantine inferior incoming data by domain type.   Our teams includes  both IT experts and clinical experts who strive to communicate effectively to all types of staff (clinical, managerial, risk assessors and IT), to consider all types of focuses so that all come away from meetings with a unified vision, purpose and supporting action items.

KUDOS   "J P Systems’  team made significant contributions to a team that assisted in the release of the PDMP module that was associated with CONNECT 5.0.  As a result, the resultant product developed medication type rules for the identification of medication related clinical questions for doctor and pharmacy shopping. " 

We focus on first analyzing the current extent and quality of your clinical interoperability.  Are you sending and receiving usable data and if so, in which domains?   Is the data standardized to international standard reference terminologies?   We will study to see if more  terminologies are needed and make recommendations.  Are you exchanging documents, and  if so which type (CDAs),   lab test results,  immunizations, demographics, allergies,  etc.  We provide an initial Interoperability scorecard - your IOP rating.   We help you identify and categorize your external trading partners.   Then, if desired and when you are ready, we can provide a communications plan for you to engage these partners. 

Interoperability consulting services include:


  • Educational sessions
  • Survey of current data exchanges: incoming and outgoing
  • Data Quality survey
  • Clinical reference terminology standards survey
  • Middleware survey 
  • External partner survey and Communications plan
  • Interoperability roadmaps
  • Business Architecture survey
  • External partner engagement
  • Physician on boarding
  • Interoperability scorecard



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