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UML Information Models for Clinical Domains

Mission statement:  The mission of J P Systems is to help clients exchange clean, usable clinical data to increase patient safety,  enable Clinical Decision Support systems, and increase the interoperability of data.  

We can produce Detailed Clinical Models for your organization based on existing free FHIM models or new domains.  This saves years of analysis work when needing to create new FHIR resources for exchange data.  The FHIM data elements are bound to international clinical terminologies (such as SNOMED and LOINC) to pin down the exact meanings of the contents.  More and more it is evident that use of non-standard clinical terminologies stand in the way of the exchange of true usable, interoperable data. 

These information models standardize the way data is stored and mapped to terminologies. These are the future building blocks of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare IT.   Each domain represents 15 years of work by IT experts, standards experts, terminology experts and clinical domain experts.

See the Federal Health Information Model (FHIM)  for a list of the 39 clinical domains, the data elements, and the domain diagrams. The FHIM model uses standard reference terminologies to increase interoperability.

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View the Federal Health Information Model at where 39 healthcare domains are described in detail.

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 Data modelling methods in clinical trials: Experiences from the CTMND project:  “Improving Treatment Evaluations And Management For People With Neurodegenerative Diseases” 

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