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Introductory class on Clinical Data Interoperability

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Clinical Terminology Services


Have local codes in your system which are causing problems when sent  to other providers?  We can map them to international standard reference terminologies such as LOINC, RX Norm or SNOMED so they have precise meanings.   

Data Quality Improvement


Engage with our Data Quality (DQ) teams.  They can identify data problems in your EHR system exports and imports.  Our virtual consultations give you access both to  nationally known clinical, Informatics, IT, data standards and DQ experts.

Interoperability Improvement


Our healthcare it consulting services can help you improve the interoperability of the clinical data  in your EHR system.  We will work with your IT services staff to determine your needs so we can assemble the appropriate clinical and IT staff we need to support your organization.

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Stakeholder Engagement


Stakeholder engagement can be difficult when confronting issues of data quality.  Learn how to do this in an effective non-judgmental  way.

Communicate with your External Data Exchange Partners


We develop a custom Communications plan for your business stakeholders. 

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Book an initial free IT services meeting on line with one of our Healthcare IT consulting teams.


Data Quality is the First Step

Clinical Decision Support systems won't work on incomplete data.

If prescriptions have been miscoded, then drug - drug interaction checks won't work.  If data quality is lacking then patient safety is lacking.  The most common problems are missing codes, codes in the wrong place and miscoded data.  We can look at your EHR data to find these problems and help remedy them.  Investigate the risks that might exist in your EHR system and in incoming CDA data.

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Learn about the risks of Data Quality problems.